Carillon Federal Services PIV-I Service

What is PIV-I?

Personal Identity Verification Interoperability (PIV-I) is the approved technical implementation for verifying the identities of contractors requiring access to US government facilities.

PIV-I has been adopted by the US government in response to the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD 12). This method of identity verification is technologically interoperable with the existing Federal government PIV system.

Why sign up with Carillon?

Carillon Federal Services Inc. provides both the end-to-end process to obtain a PIV-I credential, and the framework to perform credential lifecycle management tasks. Moreover, Carillon's issuance of PIV-I credentials is certified by CertiPath.

As of April 6th, 2015, Carillon Federal Services will be responsible for all activities related to PIV-I services for existing Airbus DS/Cassidian Communications customers and any new customers looking for this type of credentialing service. The objective of this transition is to ensure uninterrupted service and deliver the same quality services to which Airbus DS/Cassidian Communications customers have become accustomed.

For existing customers, please be aware that this transition from Airbus DS/Cassidian Communications to Carillon Federal Services will not have any impacts on your existing PIV-I cards or your contract agreements presently in place. In essence, the PIV-I cards in circulation will continue to work and existing commitments will be honored.

Over the next few months, Carillon Federal Services will be reaching out to Airbus DS PIV-I credential holders and begin migration of Airbus DS PIV-I cards to Carillon Federal Services PIV-I Cards. This service will be cost neutral for existing corporate customers and will be as seamless as possible for individual card holders.

For new customers, the service is presently online and available. Please contact our sales group at or via phone at 1 844 PKI PIV-I (754-7484).

Carillon Federal Services has been working with Airbus DS on the PIV-I program since its inception and we look forward to serving you and your colleagues in the future.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact customer service via email at or by phone at 1 844 PKI PIV-I (754-7484) Option #2.

Ease of access

With our online provisioning system and our mobile enrollment teams, we make it easy for you to enroll your employees into the service when convenient for you.

With our 1-2-3 enrollment process, you can be sure to receive your credential quickly and begin using it without delay.
Once signed up, it's as easy as: Request - Enroll - Activate!

Getting started...

Easy Credential Management

Reporting a lost or stolen credential, ordering new credentials, or performing other management needs can all be carried out online or by contacting Customer Service.

From reviewing employee credential status to requesting revocation, as the Customer Requestor, you can manage the credentials for all of your employees from one location.

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