Carillon Federal Services PIV-I Service

Here's what you need before you get started!

Organization Information
  • The legal organization name, registration information (e.g. Tax Registration Number, CAGE code), registered address, and email domains (if any).
Organization Representative Information (CEO, CFO, COO, or Company Representative)
  • A representative who has financial authority that will also legally commit and sign for the company.
  • This individual is also responsible for designating a Customer Requestor.
  • Include contact info such as name, work address, work e-mail, and work phone number.
Customer Requestor
  • An individual who is designated by the Organization Representative to be the Customer Requestor. It is recommended the Customer Requestor be a duly authorized Company Officer.
  • This individual will be responsible for PIV-I card lifecycle management operations including: purchasing and requesting cards for employees, communicating with Customer Service on behalf of their employees (such as reporting lost or stolen cards, requesting revocation, or requesting replacement cards).
  • Include contact info such as name, work address, work e-mail, and work phone number.
  • Note that the Customer Requestor must be the first person to be enrolled for the company and issued a PIV-I card before any other requests can be made.
Select a method of payment
  • The cost per card is $250.00
  • Credit Card - major credit cards accepted through online payment (VISA®, MasterCard®)
  • Purchase Orders - required for orders of over 100 cards; alternatively, available upon request for orders of under 100 cards

Here's what comes next!

1. Sign up to apply for PIV-I cards for your organization.

2. After you sign up, you will receive by email a Customer Agreement and Customer Requestor Nomination form. If your purchase was made by credit card, the email will also contain your payment receipt. Print out the agreement and nomination form, fill in the required fields, and have them signed. Once signed, please send the forms by email to the Carillon Federal Services customer support team.

3. Carillon will communicate with you once the review process has been completed, and will instruct you on how to complete the purchase of PIV-I cards for your organization, including one for yourself (as Customer Requestor).

4. Once your order has been placed, you will receive instructions by e-mail about setting up your face-to-face enrollment meeting and having your PIV-I card issued to you.

5. Once you have your PIV-I card, you will be able to request cards for your organization's employees, such that they may undergo their own enrollment.

To log into the provisioning system using your PIV-I card, visit:

Technical Requirements

In order to access the provisioning system to manage cards for your employees, you will need:

  • Hardware: A Smart Card Reader.
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or Mac OS X Lion (v10.7) with Smart Card Services Update v2.0b1
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 and later, or Safari.
  • Other (Browser Add-on): Java 1.6 or later
  • Browser Check: To determine if your current web browser meets these requirements and is correctly configured, please test it on our Browser Check page.