Carillon Federal Services PIV-I Service

Return Policy

This statement describes the Carillon Federal Services Inc. return, refund, cancellation, and exchange policies in relation to the PIV-I service. All aspects regarding Carillon's responsibilities to the Customer are detailed in the Customer Agreement.

Description of Goods

Carillon Federal Services provides the sale of PIV-I credentials and manages the end-to-end provisioning process of said credentials.

The cost per credential is $250.00 USD, plus applicable sales tax as required by law.

The purchase of a number of credentials entitles the Customer to initiate the credential issuance process for that number of its end-users, under the terms outlined in the Customer Agreement. There are no additional fees or costs charged to the Customer by Carillon for the subsequent issuance process. Other costs pertaining to personal transport of the end-user during the issuance process, or any software or hardware the Customer or end-user may be required to purchase in order to proceed with the provisioning process are not covered by Carillon.

Credentials, once issued to end-users, have a three-year validity period. Circumstances which would result in the revocation or termination of said credentials can be found in the Carillon Federal Services Certificate Policy or the Carillon Certificate Policy as applicable.

Refund and Exchange Policy

All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges at any time.

Cancellation Policy

An initial order cannot exceed 100 credentials if payment is by credit card, and only one order may be placed per Customer using this website. Any subsequent orders placed through this website will be cancelled by Carillon, with full return of cancelled credit amount. All subsequent credential purchases are to be placed via Carillon's Provisioning System once the Customer is enrolled in the Service.

Cancellation of the Customer Agreement will result in revocation of all credentials issued to the Customer's end-users with no refund to the Customer. Further details regarding agreement cancellation terms are defined in the Customer Agreement.

Delivery Policy

Once a credential is assigned to an end user, delivery time may vary depending on Customer action, as per the Customer Agreement.

Credentials are delivered in-person to the end-user upon the successful completion of an issuance process which includes an in-person identity proofing at a face-to-face enrollment meeting performed by a Carillon representative.

Requirements for the identity proofing, as per PIV-I standards, reflect the National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST FIPS-201-1 Federal Information Processing Standards Publication for Personal Identity Verification (PIV) of Federal Employees and Contractors. As such, during the identity proofing with a Carillon representative, the end-user is to provide two (2) valid pieces of government-issued ID, as well as allow the collection of all fingerprints and facial image capture.

Refusal by the end-user to comply with the requirements will result in the termination of the issuance process; the credential will be neither issued nor delivered to the end-user. The non-issued credential cannot be re-assigned or transferred to another end-user. No refund or exchange on the non-issued credential is provided to the Customer.

Personally identifiable information is collected solely for the purposes of the PIV-I service. Please see our Privacy Statement posted on this website for details.

Warranty Policy

Per the terms of the Carilon Federal Services Certificate Policy.